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2018 Inter Counties Cross Country2018 Inter Counties Cross Country
2018 Start Fitness NEHL Alnwick2018 Start Fitness NEHL Alnwick
2018 Sunderland Harriers Cross Country2018 Sunderland Harriers Cross Country
2018 Start Fitness NEHL Wrekenton2018 Start Fitness NEHL Wrekenton
2018 Start Fitness NEHL Aykley Heads2018 Start Fitness NEHL Aykley Heads
2018 British Athletics Liverpool Cross Country2018 British Athletics Liverpool Cross Country
2018 North Eastern Cross Country Champs2018 North Eastern Cross Country Champs
2019 Sherman Cup and Davison Shield2019 Sherman Cup and Davison Shield
2019 Cathedral Relays Birtley 2019 Cathedral Relays Birtley
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2019 Cathedral Relays Birtley